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Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

I’m all about making lunch quick and easy. Wraps are a great solution because you can often pre-make the filling for a few days in advance.
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Parsnip Cream Soup

Ever wonder what those big, white, carrot-lookalike veggies are at the store? They are parsnips!
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An unexpected modern health disruptor

I have an admission…..I’m not perfect. In fact I don’t always practice what I teach. One of the hardest habits for me to break is working on my computer or phone right before bed.  Have you heard about blue light?  It’s…
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Small Changes, BIG Impact

Simple Food Changes to Drop Weight, Reverse Chronic Conditions, and Boost Energy I’m inspired to share how a small change in lifestyle has made a huge impact for my two dads. Yep, I have two. First, I've often said that I am…
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Don’t Rely on Luck, Take Action! Top Tips to Boost Your Immunity

“The harder I work, the luckier I get!” This statement has been attributed to several people. No matter who said it first, the truth of the matter is, consistent, focused effort leads to positive outcomes. So what does luck have…
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Love Yourself Healthy and Change Your Destiny

What are your beliefs about your body? Are you remembering to love yourself first? It IS true that you can love yourself to excellent health and change your destiny. Do you believe that your body must look good, regardless of what it takes…
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Snuff the top 9 causes of inflammation so you can Reclaim Vibrant Health!

It starts small… Maybe you get a little more winded than normal going up the stairs, so you start defaulting to the elevator. Or shoot, your pants don’t quite fit anymore, so you think, I’ll get a size up… just this time. And before…
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Strategies for a Healthy Holiday Season

Candy and cookies, fruit cakes and more, Parties and champagne and cocktails galore, There goes my willpower right out the door! Does this sound like you during the Holidays? So many of us do our best to make it through the holidays on willpower…
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How do you spark a healthy mindset?

Six and a half years ago,at age 38, I found myself physically exhausted, out-of-shape, still hanging onto pregnancy-weight, mentally foggy, emotionally bored, and wondering if I would ever have the energy and ‘drive’ I had enjoyed 10 years…