About Laura

Nurse Practitioner Turned Functional Health Consultant

I know what it feels like...

…to be a High-Performing woman whose body wouldn’t keep up with her ambition.

It all started with my own transformation.

I’d always been a “it’s fine” kind of person with my health.

Late night Taco Bell runs? It’s fine.

Sugary drinks to help me get through the day? It’s fine.

Snacking without really paying attention to what my body needed? It’s fine.

You get the idea. And I bet you can guess what ended up happening.

I began experiencing weight gain. Low energy. Migraine headaches.

And gas that could clear a room. I’m serious. My husband refused to sleep with me during this time because it was unbearable!

At first, I tried prescription medications and calorie restriction but I wasn’t getting results doing the same things I was telling my patients to do.

Things changed when I decided to explore functional medicine and its gut-centric approach.

I learned…

  • I was intolerant to dairy. Goodbye weekday milkshakes!
  • I had high cortisol levels. Which was contributing to my low energy.
  • I had 2 chronic bacterial infections and a parasite in my gut. That explained the gas and bloating.
  • My urinary and GI tracts had colonized yeast. Yikes.

It felt like a lot.

But, you know something? I was relieved.

I finally had answers to what was really going on.

I could stop the prescription meds and over the counter “remedies” and begin a journey that would result in permanent restoration of my health.

I began eating gut-friendly foods, adding in practitioner-approved supplements, and adjusting the products I used on my body + kept in my home, so I could reduce my body’s toxic load. 

Over time, the way I knew I should feel became my reality.

I experience consistent energy all day long.

I was able to achieve one of my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

Best of all? My husband came back to our room!

Here’s the thing: it takes time to arrive at those results – longer than what a 15 minute doctor visit can give you.

It’s about getting a look at what’s really going on in your body – through functional lab tests that give the glimpse integrative medicine consultants like me need, in order to create your personalized plan.

Once you have your plan, and the support from your trusted practitioner (Me!), you’ll be well on your way to experiencing life the way you deserve: happy, healthy and full of radiance.

Are you ready to have more energy than you’ve had in years? Are you ready to up-level your health and finally be handed the solutions you’ve been seeking?



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