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Results You Can Rely On

Results You Can Rely On

Here is what our clients have to say...


Thanks for these 12 week of calls and lessons. This is my last call and it's been so worthwhile! I never thought I’d have energy again and it’s back! - Margaret

Sleeping without Interruptions

My brain fog is so much better. I Hadn't even realized it was so foggy. Now I’m sleeping without interruptions. - Marianne

Love the Extra Energy

I have a lot more energy and now rarely have to take a nap! I used to be so tired that I looked at the bed longingly all day. Early on in Laura’s protocol, I had so much more energy that I was unused to it…and that was a little overwhelming. Now I am used to it and love the extra energy! I have learned so much and done so well that I have decided to keep working with Laura for another 3 months. - Abby

Eczema Left with Laura’s Protocol

About 2 weeks ago I went to an unplanned celebration and ate quite a bit of bread and crackers and cheese.... and the eczema that left after 3 months of Laura’s gut protocol - it came back. I got back on the program and guess what!! The eczema is mostly gone by now. - Karla

Hope for a Better Future

My biggest shift is accepting what I shouldn’t eat, and being ok with it. Following the program has me finally losing weight, especially belly fat. Fatigue is still a very big issue for me but now I have hope for a better future. I know in time it will continue to get better. As Laura always says: “I lived into this, and now I get to live out of it” - Karen

Regular Again

"I'm so happy my bowels are ‘regular’ again!" - Syra

Motivation and Inspiration

I'm so grateful to be part of this program. Being a part of this community has given me the motivation and inspiration to get to the next level of health. It's improved my overall energy during the day and during workouts. I've also seen a significant improvement solving longstanding issues with my skin. The progress I've seen over the last year is better than I could have hoped! Thank you Laura! xoxo. - Kristen

Fit in My Old Cloths

I stuck to my exercise routine, ate well, and I'm very happy that I can get back into my old clothes! Going forward I will continue to stay on course to stay healthy. Thank you very much Laura! - Anita

Signing up for Another 3 Months with Laura!

I’ve learned so much about a variety of health concerns way beyond gut issues. I have improved my diet and released a lot of toxins I didn't know that I had. The program has been working so well that I’m signing up for another 3 months with Laura! Very grateful! - Ellie

My Energy is Up, My Acid Reflux is Down, & My Mental Health Clears Each Day

I’m new to this gathering of people that are also on the road to healthy living. The support of others, along with Laura, and her team, is what holds me accountable, and without pressure. Laura encourages me to go at my own pace. Laura and her team listen, have answers for all, along with different support ideas from the group. My energy is up, my acid reflux is down, and my mental health clears each day. I thank you so much! - Cathy

Learned so Much

What a toxic world we now live in and I have learned so many things to take care of myself. - Lori

Now I can just ‘Do’

I used to have to think about doing things that required energy, and work myself up to it. Now I can just ‘do’ - without thinking about it. I have the energy to do it! - Barbara

In-Tune with my Body

Knowing this information has empowered me to not only improve my health, but also my family's health. I'm sleeping better. I have more energy. had been carrying some weight in my tummy from some steroids I had been on, and it melted away during the time I was detoxing. I am so in-tune with my body. The best part is getting to share these secrets to healthy living with my kids from a very young age and decrease their struggles later in life. - Alicia

Very happy with My Progress!

My gut is so much better, I move my bowels daily now, my energy is much better. My joint pain is virtually gone, skin better. Very happy with my progress! - Aymi

Lost 18 Pounds

I have come to realize how bad my diet was!! I am so proud of the fact that I stuck with it and have lost 18 pounds and my blood sugar numbers are so good I don't have to use meds anymore! - Christine

Best Blood Pressure in 20 Years

My blood pressure has recently been consistently lower than its been in 20 years. I’m sleeping deeper. I also lost my extended tummy and 12 lbs. So exciting! - Bonnie

My Anxiety has gone Way Down

My anxiety has gone way down. My abdomen is no longer bloated. I'm able to wake up earlier with a clearer brain function. - Dana

More Grounded

My energy has always been good but I feel more grounded and do more enjoyable tasks. - Sandie

Allergies are Gone

I’m not having allergy symptoms since I started Laura’s protocols!!! I have more energy in the afternoon and better focus, also mental capacity throughout the day. - Cindy

Energy that Lasts all Day

I'm able to wake up earlier with a clearer brain function. I have more energy that lasts all day. - Jennifer

Laura was Right!

I’m feeling more energy and seeing parasite eggs in my stools. I’m so glad I did gut testing with Laura. She kept urging me to keep going when I wanted to quit because my symptoms really pointed to parasites. She was right! - Joy

Grateful for the Community

I am so much more aware of what bothers my stomach and the supplements Laura recommended have helped me experience a lot less stomach issues. I am also grateful for the community and look forward to our weekly calls. - Pamela

The Adrenal Protocol was the game Changer

I have really enjoyed the weekly group Zoom calls, it has helped to keep me motivated, and I haven't missed a call! The adrenal protocol was the game changer for me and helped me to not only get up easier in the morning but more easily get through the afternoons. All of the detoxing and all that was passed out of me felt like a huge win, and as Laura says "better out than in". The biggest benefit is probably what I won't have to face as I get older, because of doing all this clearing-out and detoxing now instead of later. - Mary

Thank you Laura!

I had really high glyphosate and environmental toxin levels when Laura tested me. It was pretty shocking. I didn’t realize how much it had been affecting me. Now my energy is much better, my skin is clear, and my brain is working better. Thank you Laura! - Trina

I've had Good Results

I've had good results. Lost about 5 lbs. Will continue taking some support supplements now that I have learned what my body needs. - Teresa

My Memory to Retain Information has Increased

After completing Laura’s program, It is very rare that I experience any bloating. I have improved my digestion completely, increased longevity of energy and my confidence, improved hormones and mood. My memory to retain information has increased. - Tiffany

Increased Energy

I have increased energy, improved digestion, weight release, confidence and a growth mindset. And now I’m ready to leave behind relationships and habits that no longer support my health. - Nicole

Lost 80 Pounds!

Since working with Laura I have released 80 pounds for good, improved my digestion, reduced aches and pains, and reversed chronic kidney disease by decreasing inflammation. I have more energy and feel good in my skin. - Mary

Energy Lasts all Day

I started losing weight again after being stalled for over a year. I’ve had improvement in energy, lasting all day. - Jill

Working with Laura is Instrumental

I have increased energy, improved digestion, and my confidence has improved. I have worked through a tremendous amount of grief and feel like my former self. Working with Laura was instrumental in helping me to feel in touch with my body and what it needs. When I reached out to Laura, my anxiety had reached an unbearable level and as a result I was gaining weight at an alarming rate. My ability to cope has improved dramatically. - Lucy

Better Understanding of My Body

My diarrhea is finally gone after years of struggling with it. My energy is great. My bowels are not perfect but as I continue working with Laura I feel confident they will get there. You cannot correct issues you have had for 7 years overnight! Also I’m losing weight and have a better understanding of my body. - Joyce

My Anxiety is Greatly Reduced

My anxiety is greatly reduced, I have lost 15 pounds in the first 7 weeks and my digestion has totally improved! I was not expecting my skin issues to improve, but to my surprise, my skin is much healthier too! - Shannon

My Migraines and PMS Symptoms are Gone

Since our time together I have completely gotten off of my allergy medication, my migraines and PMS symptoms are gone, I am down 15lbs, my stomach is flat, I am gaining muscle definition that I haven't ever had before, my energy is amazing, and I don't feel like a fraud in my work anymore. I feel like I am SHOWING UP and being a light for others. - Molly

Generally Feeling Better

I have increased energy, better digestion, weight loss, generally feeling better physically, and no more cravings for sugar or other "bad" foods. - Andrea

My Body is no Longer Puffy

My body is no longer puffy. When I start to notice it returning, I now have the knowledge needed to reduce it. With the puffiness gone, I have more energy so I am able to workout. - Sarah

Afternoon 'Sleepies' are Gone

Since embarking on the program, I rarely experience the afternoon sleepies or low energy slump which were a daily phenomena. Nighttime sleep also seems more rejuvenating. I was able to lose some weight (7lb). The most helpful gain was a better understanding of, and implementation of healthy eating habits. - Lise

Clear Skin

My fatigue has significantly improved. I am sleeping more and within 3 days of starting my protocol for my adrenals, the joint pain in my lower half of my body was almost gone. My hair has stopped falling out. The biggest surprise was how clear my skin is. I have had acne since my teenage years. This is the first time I have had effortlessly clear skin. - Alicia

Got My Focus Back

I have increased energy and got my focus back. I have more clarity about decisions I need to make and take action. I'm able to learn and receive information and use it. In the past year I have only dreamed of the concept of starting a non-profit business. This year, action has been taken and there is forward progression. I'm not all ‘over the place’ and my energy is no longer wasted on distractions. I am focused on what's on my plate and stay on task. I know that my dream, my passion project, will come to fruition this year! Thank you Laura! - Dana

My Bloat is Gone

The bloat is gone! My bowels are releasing regularly, which has cleared up my skin, and eliminated the fatigue. My mind feels clear again and I'm able to focus without multiple cups of coffee. I finally feel as thin as I look. - Amanda

My Doctor is Thrilled!

Firstly, my diabetes HgA1C number went from 6.8 to 5.8 in 3 months! This is a huge drop - and my doctor is thrilled! I'm sleeping 7-8 hours consistently every night, as well as back to a regular exercise routine. No more rashes from food sensitivities, and my hair is growing back! I also lost a dress size, and am heading to lose another dress size. My energy is up and I'm kicking butt at work again! I find that my brain fog has lifted, my memory is back, my confidence is much so, that I sold the biggest sales account of my entire 15 year career. I attribute that to feeling good inside, which means I'm radiating and receiving goodness in my outer world. - Sheri

Improved Digestion

I've seen improvements in energy (less dependent on coffee), improved digestion, and improvements in my chronic skin infections, in fact they’re almost gone for the first time in years. I’ve seen so many doctors and taken prescriptions that never helped my skin. - Kristen

Back in the Gym

My energy levels are much better. I went back to the gym. My digestion has improved tremendously. I’m not bloated all the time anymore. - Tatiane

Improved Energy

Energy has greatly improved and digestion improved as well. - Ellie

I Feel More Alive

I feel more awake and alive. I don’t have as many headaches. I overall feel better physically and mentally. - Valerie

Less Bloating

Since working with Laura, I have reduced pain, much less brain fog, weight loss, evidence of parasite removal, less bloating.- Jennifer

Sleep Soundly

After working with Laura I finally have experienced weight loss, I no longer crave unhealthy food, and I sleep more soundly through the night. - Bonnie

Inflammation Reduction

I have had weight loss, inflammation reduction, and a better understanding of what’s not working that I didn’t know before. - Terry

Power to Make Changes

My digestion has really improved due to the Betaine HCL and enzymes. I also lost a bit of weight, increased energy, and I feel more confident in understanding how important the gut microbiome is for overall health and wellness - which gives me the personal power to make changes in my everyday life to deal with toxins and to support my body in functioning in a healthy and supported way. - Lori

My Hair Grew Longer

I’ve had improved energy, ability to lose weight, improvement in sleep, and my hair has grown longer. I need to take a break from Laura’s programs while I move, but I’m coming back soon! - Florence

I'm Feeling Balanced

I’m feeling balanced in handling stressors; I finally have the ability to ‘breathe’ and feel a biochemical change that has increased my mood and energy. - Donna

I Got My Life Back

In Laura’s program I got my life back! I experienced weight loss, more energy, less brain fog, more concentration to stay on task, to be able to want to quilt or work outdoors. More energy and focus to play all day with our granddaughter, and to teach a preschool class on Monday nights. - Kay

Lost 20 Pounds!

I lost 20 lbs so I am feeling way more confident, energetic, plus I feel like I know so much more about healthy eating and actually making it a lifestyle, not just a diet. And I will be using this all, including the supplements with my family. - Jana

Improved Mood

I have increased energy, weight loss (17 pounds came off pretty steadily), improved mood, and confidence that I can improve my health (despite my age and life circumstances).- Cori

My Body and Mind are coming Back Online

As I reduce my body's toxic burden, I feel more energetic and with better brain function. It's like the cells of my body and mind are coming back online.- Lisa

Increased Energy

In Laura’s program I have experienced increased energy, weight loss, and less brain fog. Also I discovered I had parasites and I’m feeling better and better as I release them. - Barbara

Results are Amazing

This is amazing; my arthritic finger finally no longer red and sore! It took so many medications to try and solve this but nothing worked up until now. I have improved sleep without waking every couple of hours to pee. My bowels are so much better and I’m no longer rushing to the washroom every hour. - Mary

Stable Mood, & Confidence

I am currently a work in progress; I have been through the first phase of Laura’s program and have experienced an increase in my energy, improved digestion, weight loss, improved memory, stable mood, & confidence. I took the toxins test and am in the middle of that protocol with the biggest issues being black mold and environmental toxins. The next thing I’m doing is the organic acids test, and I look forward to working on the nutrition issues. I’m improving every day. - Mike

Ready to Jump Out of Bed

During the first phase, I immediately had increased energy. Now I usually feel ready to jump out of bed when I wake up in the morning, and usually do not need a nap during the day. My digestion has improved, for example, foods like broccoli no longer give me gas 🙂 I can also think better - improved memory (though I still have more room for improvement of memory). Also, I have more confidence that I can improve my health as I age. - Abby

You are a Hero

I just have to let you know how much I have appreciated your Video Series. You have done a fabulous job, both of gathering a super bunch of speakers - and also of interviewing to bring out their knowledge in relation to weight loss, and sometimes interpret it for the average person. Bravo - you are a new hero for me. Thank you for all the work you have put into this - I'm sure the results will ripple out, in ways you can never know. - Jan

Your Video Series is so Special

I don't normally communicate with the hosts of health summits that I attend. However, yours was so excellent that I felt I must. I don't know if it was your interviewing style, your guests, or the subjects; perhaps it was the combination that made your Video Series so special. - Bill

I have Learned so Much

I'm searching constantly for information on women's health and wellness and came across your Video Series. I have been on this journey for at least 6 years since discovering I had autoimmune issues. I now teach a small group of women from our church on being essentially healthy and finding joy in their journey to health. Eating right is so important but understanding our bodies as women and how our hormones affect so many things is HUGE! Through watching your series, I have learned so much! Thank you! I'm so excited to pass along the information as I gain more insight on this subject. - Terilynne

Energy is Back

I never thought I’d have energy again and it’s back! - Margaret

Increased Energy

You have given me an entire tool box to pull from when I am not feeling my best. - Alicia St. Germain

Life Without Pain

Since the age of 16 I had not known a what it felt like to have a pain free day. Due to a back surgery I had as a child, I have four permanent metal bolts in my spine. Thanks to my personalized protocol from Laura I now live pain free - Elisabeth Lemiuex

Brain Fog Lifted

"My brain is back, I am clicking, I am remembering trivial things. Brain fog is gone, I am on fire again. - Sheri Sinaga

Permanent Weight Loss

She believed in me, before I believed in myself. - Mary Welch

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