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The answer starts with your gut health.

The systems in your body that control your energy levels, brain stamina and digestion are inside your individual cells and gut microbiome.

Specifically, the health of your mitochondria (how your cells give you energy), the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, and the toxins that may or may not be present in your body.

A science-based approach that focuses on balancing your gut, eliminating inflammation and reducing your body’s toxic load will result in the life you’ve been in pursuit of for so long…

  • More energy. That doesn’t run out midday.
  • Your ability to heal your body, so you can keep up with your family and the lifestyle you want to have.
  • Enjoying the foods you love without negative impact.
  • Having the brain stamina and focus to go after the things that matter most to you (professionally and otherwise).

Are you ready to find out how this process begins?

Science-Based Programs to Restore Your Health.


Our Group Programs are an ideal starting point if you’re just beginning this journey. Inside our Group Programs, you’ll receive:

  • Foundational education around how to increase energy, balance gut & hormones, improve digestion and experience better sleep quality.
  • Access to Laura weekly via virtual group sessions. This is your opportunity to connect directly + consistently with a trusted practitioner. 
  • Support to deepen your commitment to yourself and your health goals, so you can have the life you desire.
  • Resources in your dedicated Content Library, including recordings, supplement discounts, guides and protocols.
  • Opportunities to enhance your experience with lab testing.


A Private program may be best for you if you’d like customized, 1:1 support. 

  • You receive everything in Group, plus:
  • Personalized, 1:1 consultations focused on your unique needs, goals and desires as it relates to your health. These are private calls between you and Laura.
  • Curated supplement protocols and recommendations designed by Laura and based on your lab test results. You’ll know exactly what supplements + lifestyle recommendations to enact in order to restore your health.
  • Private calls with a dedicated health coach who serves as your personal cheerleader and accountability partner for as long as you’re in the program.
  • Exclusive discounts on lab tests, supplements and other resources. You’ll receive unique pricing available only to you as a private client.


Our VIP experience is by application and invitation only. 

  • As a VIP, you’ll receive everything in the Group + Private programs, plus: 
  • An all-inclusive functional medicine experience that includes all necessary labs needed in order to achieve your fully + permanently restored health.
  • High-touch interactions with Laura and team, via text and audio. Laura will be available to you Monday-Friday for all your health-related needs. Your personalized health coach will connect with you more frequently to ensure maximum success.
  • Opportunities for additional support from Laura + our team in the form of exclusive training, events and education opportunities.

Results You Can Rely On

Here is what our clients have to say...

Results You Can Rely On

Here is what our clients have to say...

Energy is Back

"I never thought I’d have energy again and it’s back!" - Margaret

Sleeping without Interruptions

"My brain fog is so much better. I Hadn't even realized it was so foggy. Now I’m sleeping without interruptions." - Marianne

Regular Again

"I'm so happy my bowels are ‘regular’ again!" - Syra

Motivation and Inspiration

"Being a part of this community has given me the motivation and inspiration to get to the next level of health. It's improved my overall energy. I've also seen a significant improvement solving longstanding issues with my skin. - Kristen

Increased Energy

"You have given me an entire tool box to pull from when I am not feeling my best." - Alicia St. Germain

Allergy Symptoms Gone

"I’m not having allergy symptoms since I started Laura’s protocols!!! I have more energy in the afternoon and better focus, also mental capacity throughout the day." - Cindy

Life Without Pain

"Since the age of 16 I had not known a what it felt like to have a pain free day. Due to a back surgery I had as a child, I have four permanent metal bolts in my spine. Thanks to my personalized protocol from Laura I now live pain free." - Elisabeth Lemiuex

Brain Fog Lifted

"...My brain is back, I am clicking, I am remembering trivial things. Brain fog is gone, I am on fire again." - Sheri Sinaga

Permanent Weight Loss

"...She believed in me, before I believed in myself." - Mary Welch


"Thanks for these 12 week of calls and lessons. This is my last call and it's been so worthwhile! I never thought I’d have energy again and it’s back!" - Margaret

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