Terilynne “I’m searching constantly for information on women’s health and wellness and came across your Video Series. I have been on this journey for at least 6 years since discovering I had autoimmune issues. I now teach a small group of women from our church on being essentially healthy and finding joy in their journey to health. Eating right is so important but understanding our bodies as women and how our hormones affect so many things is HUGE! Through watching your series, I have learned so much! Thank you! I’m so excited to pass along the information as I gain more insight on this subject.”

Jan “I just have to let you know how much I have appreciated your Video Series. You have done a fabulous job, both of gathering a super bunch of speakers – and also of interviewing to bring out their knowledge in relation to weight loss, and sometimes interpret it for the average person. Bravo – you are a new hero for me. Thank you for all the work you have put into this – I’m sure the results will ripple out, in ways you can never know.”

Bill “I don’t normally communicate with the hosts of health summits that I attend. However, yours was so excellent that I felt I must. I don’t know if it was your interviewing style, your guests, or the subjects; perhaps it was the combination that made your Video Series so special.”