Health Equipment & Biohacking

Health Equipment & Biohacking

These are my favorite biohacking and smart tech brands for things like health tracking, detoxification, workout recovery, pain relief, and anti-aging.

RED LIGHT THERAPY The benefits of red light therapy are undeniable: slow down the aging process, increase energy and even experience relief from pain. Save $100 on your purchase when you click below.

PHOTOTHERAPY ACTIVATION PATCHES The work Life Wave Patches is doing to reverse aging, help you sleep, relieve pain and more is incredible! Through their patches, you can activate your own healing pathways and stem cells. And use them to support your wellness and health.

TENSION RELEASE APPAREL Yes, even your clothing can be good for you! I love Intelligent Threads’s lightweight, breathable, and muscle-relaxing fabrics. These are especially great if you’re an athlete or avid exerciser. I sleep on their pillowcase every night!

GENETIC HEALTH TESTING Your DNA actually holds the key to your lifelong health. In addition to DNA testing, get a scientific report that gives you data on sleep, diet, hormones, fitness, cardiovascular system, mood, immunity, detox and more.

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NATURAL HEALING DEVICES This brand offers a wide range of natural healing devices—from personal infrared saunas, heated grounding pads, and home cryotherapy to my favorite: travel air purifiers (perfect for the plane!).

PEMF MACHINES PEMF therapy is a little known health secret that utilizes pulsed electromagnetic fields to gently stimulate cellular metabolism and tissue repair, harnessing your body's natural healing abilities to reduce inflammation and restore wellbeing. Use coupon code 39LF-FP for $50 off the Flex Pulse Device.


INFRARED SAUNAS A home infrared sauna delivers gentle, effective heat for detoxification, heart health, pain relief, muscle recovery, anti-aging, and deep relaxation that aids with deep, restorative sleep. Save up to $600 with code Bioradiant.

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COFFEE ENEMAS Coffee enemas are well-known to help cleanse the liver, fight inflammation, and flush out harmful toxins like parasites, fungus, and candida—but they also help stimulate the production of glutathione, which offers you an energizing sense of vitality, youth, and resiliency. Save 10% with code BIORADIANT

EMF PROTECTION NECKLACE We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by smartphones, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, and more. This fashionable wearable acts as a little tuning fork, helping to counteract the potential negative effects of EMFs on the body.

OZONE GENERATORS Ozone therapy is an alternative medicine technique used to increase oxygenation and tackle inflammation. Ozone generators are used for many applications, including ozonating water and ozone insufflations.

SUPERCHARGE YOUR WATER Water molecules move in a highly chaotic way. Aǹalemma is a tool that transforms regular tap water into a super-charged, full spectrum, coherent state, which boosts cellular energy and immune function. Promo Code: bioradiant10

SUPERCHARGE YOUR WORKOUT & STRENGTHEN BONE Take your workout to the next level with the power of vibration. When standing on the vibrating Power Plate, your body will naturally attempt to fight back against the vibrations by trying to stabilize itself. The result? Stronger, toner muscles, improved flexibility, and more fat burned. Use this link for best pricing. Promo Code: FRONTIERO for 20% off.

BLOCK THERAPY Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds muscles. Block therapy helps actively decompress fascia to heal chronic pain, accelerate recovery, enhance performance, improve overall flow throughout the body for optimized health!

SILICA-RICH WATER Aquene Springs Water has high silica for cardiovascular, lung, and cellular health; pain relief; circulation; anti-aging; gut, wound, and oral health; plus low deuterium levels to resist age-related illness. Save 10% with promo code Bioradiant10

NONINVASIVE MEDICAL DEVICE FOR PAIN AVACEN offers an FDA-cleared, non-invasive heat therapy device that uses vacuum and heat to increase circulation and provide drug-free pain relief in just 20 minutes. Save 10% (up to $500) with promo code A500

FACIAL VIBRATOR Improve your skin's appearance, reduce puffiness, support the elimination of toxins, and increase blood flow to your face and neck with advanced bio-sonic technology that supports lymphatic drainage of the neck, face, and other areas of the body. Get free shipping with promo code LYMPHQUEEN

AIR SCRUBBER Rather than just trap air pollutants, Hi Tech Air destroys contaminants and germs in the air. Photocatalysts and ultraviolet light produce hydroxyl radicals — powerful cleaning agents that break down chemicals and rip apart bacteria and viruses all the way down to the molecular level.

PORTABLE AIR PURIFIER Austin Air is one the best air purifiers on the market (I literally have three in my house). It’s made of metal (not plastic, which is an environmental contaminant) and uses Medical Grade HEPA technology proven to remove up to 99% of all airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns, including viruses, bacteria, dust, dander and allergens.

We are exposed to ElectroMagnetic Frequencies daily. From our devices to cell towers to even our microwaves, EMFs can cause headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and more. Electro-Pollution Fix is a Step-By-Step EMF Protection Online Course showing you exactly how to dramatically reduce EMF exposure for you and your family — no matter if you’re an owner or a renter, no matter your budget, and no matter your circumstances. Promo Code: BIORADIANTEPF for $50 0ff


Jumpstart your body’s natural healing process with an affordable, portable infrared sauna. I love using infrared saunas to trigger natural detoxification processes.


Jumpstart your body’s natural healing process with an affordable, portable infrared sauna. I love using infrared saunas to trigger natural detoxification processes. Check it out below.
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