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These are my go-to supplement and neutraceutical brands for a healthy, happy body—from a functional health perspective.


You want your supplements to be highly absorbable, so you actually get the benefits! That’s what Upgraded Formulas does so well. Plus, their hair test kits show you your toxicity levels so you can make targeted changes. Use code VIBRANT for your special discount.

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Get rid of stubborn toxins with modified citrus pectin (MCP), an anti-inflammatory super nutrient fiber derived from citrus peels that supports detoxification by binding to and eliminating toxic heavy metals and environmental pollutants. Use this shopping link to save 15%.

Nitric Oxide (NO) regulates circulation, which is fundamental to the function of all bodily systems. These supplements help optimize NO for cognitive health, gut health, hormone health, immune function, and healthy aging.

MitoZen offers a range of advanced natural healing products for sleep, immune function, detoxification, skin health, and more according to the scientifically ideal delivery methods and combinations. Use coupon code BIORADIANT for 10% off.

As the most nutrient-dense, sustainable superfood on earth, algae instantly nourishes every cell, cleanses toxins, strengthens immunity and prevents chronic disease in a powerfully bioavailable plant-based protein package. Use coupon code BioRadiant for 20% off.

Mitochondria are the energy-production centers in our cells, which can get damaged as we age or due to lifestyle factors. Mitopure® from Timeline Nutrition is the first postbiotic nutrient of its kind shown to trigger “mitophagy”, or the process that cleans up defective mitochondria and allows them to repair themselves and improve their performance.

When it comes to detoxifying your body, quality matters. These supplements help cleanse your body of accumulated toxins with premium, plant-based, sustainable ingredients, helping your body to begin healing itself naturally.

C60 is an antioxidant that absorbs harmful free radicals like a sponge, optimizes mitochondrial energy production and mental acuity, balances immune function, accelerates workout recovery, and supports glowing skin, luxurious hair growth, and a more youthful appearance when applied topically. Use coupon code bioradiant10 for 10% off.

Peptide supplements provide critical amino acid chains that modulate processes like healing, hormones, and cell growth so you can improve tissue repair, address premature aging, and amplify your body’s natural regenerative processes.

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