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What Are the Best Self-Care Practices?

As a woman over 40, it can be hard to find time for self-care. But it's important! Here are 8 self-care practices that will help you stay healthy and happy.
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Can’t stop procrastinating? Your gut may hold the secret

If you can't stop procrastinating, you may not have a time management problem. You probably have an energy problem. And the best way to get more energy and stop procrastinating is by improving your gut health & leverage the gut-productivity connection.
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Top 3 Ways To Boost Energy Naturally Using Functional Medicine

Feeling run down? Tired all the time? Here are three ways to increase your energy using functional medicine that you can start today!
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Small Changes, BIG Impact

Simple Food Changes to Drop Weight, Reverse Chronic Conditions, and Boost Energy I’m inspired to share how a small change in lifestyle has made a huge impact for my two dads. Yep, I have two. First, I've often said that I am…